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Carrying the Legacy of Herbert von Karajan into the Future

We have just published the new Karajan iPad-App, which gives you a comprehensive overview of Karajan’s life and works. Explore in-depth information on concerts, recordings and musicians that Karajan collaborated with. All information is organized on a map and interactive timeline. This app showcases the tremendous capabilities of our consolidated database and newly forged API....Read More

Workshop: Why Labels and Large Venues Don’t Matter: Building a Successful Career as a Young Performer

This workshop addresses the fundamental challenges that every young performer faces at the beginning of their career. In this two-hour long seminar participants will learn how to build a successful career in the classical music industry using simple marketing tools and web technologies. The course focuses on management issues and marketing strategies that help independent musicians achieve their goals step by step. The workshop

Working with Incubus in Santiago de Chile

Back in October I helped out American rockband Incubus to put together a Youth Orchestra for a benefit concert in Santiago de Chile. Here is some video footage from the evening as well as an exclusive look behind the scences of that memorable event. The part about the fabulous Youth Orchestra starts at around 8:35...Read More