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Discussing Open Innovation with Young Entrepreneurs

Proud to be part of #OpenInnovation discussion at Annual Conference of Young Entrepreneurs in #Austria with Elisabeth Mayerhofer, Markus Gull, Andreas Spechtler, Gerhard Blechinger and Thomas Bodmer. #Salzburg #Karajan #KarajanMusicTech #Mozarteum #Festspiele (Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)

“Great Art is Never Finished”

Is genius something you are born with? As this wonderful film shows, the greatest artists always set themselves goals that they cannot reach. Through this continuous struggle they grow and become true masters. Just like Herbert von Karajan who once famously said: “He who has reached all goals has probably set them too low.” Thank...Read More

Carrying the Legacy of Herbert von Karajan into the Future

We have just published the new Karajan iPad-App, which gives you a comprehensive overview of Karajan’s life and works. Explore in-depth information on concerts, recordings and musicians that Karajan collaborated with. All information is organized on a map and interactive timeline. This app showcases the tremendous capabilities of our consolidated database and newly forged API....Read More

Understanding How Humans Make Music (Through Data)

This is an awesome day! We just got the news of a major grant from the prestigious #AustrianScienceFund (FWF) to bring forward artificial intelligence and music research using interpretations by Herbert von Karajan. Looking forward to opening the door to a most intricate world and getting one step closer to understanding music w/ Peter Revers, Klaus Aringer,...Read More

Classical Music, VR Technology and a Subterranean Club in Leipzig

Last summer I had a surprise visitor in the Karajan Institute in Salzburg. A young musician from the Gewandhaus Orchester Leipzig stood at the door and wanted to speak with me. Her name was Tahlia Petrosian and as it turned out, she organizes one of the most exciting concert series in Leipzig: Klassik Underground. Tahlia Petrosian...Read More

Why Classical Music Needs Hackathons

The Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute and the MIT Music Department are hosting a Classical Music Hackathon in Boston, October 21–23. http://www.classicalmusichackday.org It is widely known that Herbert von Karajan was involved in various music technology innovations, most notably in the development of the Compact Disc (CD). But few people know that he also had...Read More

Listening Faster: How Digital Humanities is Transforming Music Scholarship

MIT Tech TV Computers have altered so many aspects of musician's lives, from digital performance, to electronic composition, to how we acquire and share new music, but only recently have they had the potential to transform how we study and analyze music. Michael Scott Cuthbert (MIT) and Matthias Röder (Harvard) introduce the new world of Digital Musicology by showing the techniques and tools that


  Hör’ ich das Liedchen klingen (Robert Schumann) Click here to hear the music that goes with the image (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

Workshop: Why Labels and Large Venues Don’t Matter: Building a Successful Career as a Young Performer

This workshop addresses the fundamental challenges that every young performer faces at the beginning of their career. In this two-hour long seminar participants will learn how to build a successful career in the classical music industry using simple marketing tools and web technologies. The course focuses on management issues and marketing strategies that help independent musicians achieve their goals step by step. The workshop

Formalized Score Control in Abjad

I am pleased to invite you to the next talk in the Digital Musicology Study Group at Harvard. Please forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested. Thank you! Trevor Bača Wednesday, April 6, 5-7pm Davison Room Music Department Harvard University ABSTRACT: Abjad is open-source software designed to help composers build up complex pieces...Read More

Working with Incubus in Santiago de Chile

Back in October I helped out American rockband Incubus to put together a Youth Orchestra for a benefit concert in Santiago de Chile. Here is some video footage from the evening as well as an exclusive look behind the scences of that memorable event. The part about the fabulous Youth Orchestra starts at around 8:35...Read More

Ambrosiana Article Download

“Milanese Chant in the Monastery? Notes on a Reunited Ambrosian Manuscript,” (Co-authored) in: Ambrosiana at Harvard. New Sources of Milanese Chant (=Houghton Library Studies, vol. 3), ed. by Thomas F. Kelly and Matthew Mugmon, Cambridge, 2010 Download PDF [4 MB] (Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)

2nd Talk of the Digital Musicology Study Group

Dear colleagues, I am delighted to announce the second talk of the Digital Musicology Study Group at Harvard University. I hope that many of you will be able to attend. Please forward this invitation widely. Studying Music Ficta & Early Renaissance Canons with the music21 Toolkit (Michael S. Cuthbert) November 22, 5pm, Davison Room in...Read More

Belfast Conference Paper

“The Permutation Fugue and Johann Sebastian Bach’s Compositional Development” Paper held at the The 14th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music Queens University Belfast, July 1, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation available here: Biennial Baroque Conference – Presentation Version 2 (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)

The Scribe Database

In 2001, while I was an intern at the Bach-Archiv in Leipzig I developed a prototype of a Scribe Database which holds information about scribes and copyists of Bach manuscripts. (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)