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Classical Music, VR Technology and a Subterranean Club in Leipzig

Last summer I had a surprise visitor in the Karajan Institute in Salzburg. A young musician from the Gewandhaus Orchester Leipzig stood at the door and wanted to speak with me. Her name was Tahlia Petrosian and as it turned out, she organizes one of the most exciting concert series in Leipzig: Klassik Underground. Tahlia Petrosian...Read More

Listening Faster: How Digital Humanities is Transforming Music Scholarship

MIT Tech TV Computers have altered so many aspects of musician's lives, from digital performance, to electronic composition, to how we acquire and share new music, but only recently have they had the potential to transform how we study and analyze music. Michael Scott Cuthbert (MIT) and Matthias Röder (Harvard) introduce the new world of Digital Musicology by showing the techniques and tools that


  Hör’ ich das Liedchen klingen (Robert Schumann) Click here to hear the music that goes with the image