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New England Conservatory of Music


Why Labels and Large Venues Don’t Matter: Building a Successful Career as a Young Performer


A Workshop with Matthias Röder

Organized by Zaira Meneses


New England Conservatory of Music
Jordan Hall Building
ROOM 124
May 21, 2011from 6-8pm
Free Admission

This workshop addresses the fundamental challenges that every young performer faces at the beginning of their career. In this two-hour long seminar participants will learn how to build a successful career in the classical music industry using simple marketing tools and web technologies. The course focuses on management issues and marketing strategies that help independent musicians achieve their goals step by step. The workshop content includes the following topics:

  1. Music as a business: Thinking strategically about your career.
  2. Being different: How to find a market niche that you can own.
  3. Create meaningful content, or why connecting with your audience is the most important.
  4. Music is communication! How to effectively use the web, facebook and twitter to achieve your goals.

Prerequisites: No background in music management is needed.

What to bring: pen and a notebook. No computer is needed.


Matthias Röder is a music consultant, artist manager and artistic advisor who has worked with musicians, orchestras and non-profit organizations in the US, Germany, Austria and Turkey. Having produced several CD recordings, concerts, video, and educational events, Matthias currently teaches at Harvard University where he earned his PhD in 2010. He is also the founder and editor of zeitschichten.com, a web magazine for music, history and the music business. For his pedagogical achievements Matthias received multiple “Certificates of Teaching Excellence” from Harvard University as well as the Oscar S. Schafer Fellowship awarded for excellence in undergraduate, non-major teaching. Before coming to Harvard, Matthias studied Classical Guitar with Eliot Fisk at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

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