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Formalized Score Control in Abjad

I am pleased to invite you to the next talk in the Digital Musicology Study Group at Harvard. Please forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested. Thank you! Trevor Bača Wednesday, April 6, 5-7pm Davison Room Music Department Harvard University ABSTRACT: Abjad is open-source software designed to help composers build up complex pieces...Read More

Ambrosiana Article Download

“Milanese Chant in the Monastery? Notes on a Reunited Ambrosian Manuscript,” (Co-authored) in: Ambrosiana at Harvard. New Sources of Milanese Chant (=Houghton Library Studies, vol. 3), ed. by Thomas F. Kelly and Matthew Mugmon, Cambridge, 2010 Download PDF [4 MB]

2nd Talk of the Digital Musicology Study Group

Dear colleagues, I am delighted to announce the second talk of the Digital Musicology Study Group at Harvard University. I hope that many of you will be able to attend. Please forward this invitation widely. Studying Music Ficta & Early Renaissance Canons with the music21 Toolkit (Michael S. Cuthbert) November 22, 5pm, Davison Room in...Read More

Belfast Conference Paper

“The Permutation Fugue and Johann Sebastian Bach’s Compositional Development” Paper held at the The 14th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music Queens University Belfast, July 1, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation available here: Biennial Baroque Conference – Presentation Version 2

The Scribe Database

In 2001, while I was an intern at the Bach-Archiv in Leipzig I developed a prototype of a Scribe Database which holds information about scribes and copyists of Bach manuscripts.